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Call of Duty World at War (PS3) kill streak cheat

How to get a lot of kills on call of duty 5 (world at war) :




Do you know where the high ground-hut is?


If yes then go next to it but not in it near the first ladder (that is in the water) on the right there is a small hut ... You will be able to go in it. crouch under the hut and always aim at the second ladder not the one that is in the water ... After about 2 mins an enemy will try and climb in the high-ground hut.  Before he reaches the top shoot him. After another 2 mins more enemies will come. Do the same with them. Keep on going like that and you will get the highest kills in the easiest way possible


WARNING: enemies that are in the high ground hut can see you under the small hut so be careful. Also tell a friend to protect you from the back so you wont get shot unexpectedly



hope this helped Laughing


P.S if you would like to add me on the playstation network my name is agrima 

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