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How to get the ray gun on Call Of Duty World At War Litlle Resistence (mission 2)

Firstly: This can be used in online or solo!!! NO MODS NEEDED Now the cheat: First activate the rocket barrage on the island from the water. Then go to the island and there you will find three ditches with water in them (search for them and you will find them) First go in the one that is all the way to the right. Second there will be one in the middle,go in it then go to the last one which is on the far left. You must wait a minute for the gun. Then after about 7 seconds Japanese lion statues will come out from the sand.Go next to one of the lion statues and a hand icon will appear then press the change wpn button and you will get the ray gun. Now with one shot you can destroy a soldier or even a tank!!!!

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